Oil & Gas

OFSC with its experienced personnel and reliable solution portfolio offers versatile products in oil and gas automation systems.
We combine our knowledge of oil and gas production and processing with our skills in control systems such as DCS, PLC, HMI, SCADA, and ESD Refineries Control and Automation Systems.

Most refineries operating today were built with the minimum required process automation to run the plant in a basic fashion. To remain competitive in today’s global market, operational demands require the expertise of people as we have in OFSC. We know how to help you with engineering and also procurements on brands that you know and trust.


OFSC represents the world’s well-known manufacturer of Downhole and Surface tools and precision instruments. With knowledge of the specific requirements of the oil and gas industries, OFSC also provides high-quality tools and instruments at reasonable prices.

  • Downhole & Wellhead
  • Slick line tools
  • Wireline Trucks and Skids
  • Acquisition Systems & Software
  • Production Logging Tools
  • Pressure Control Equipment
  • Piezo & Quartz Memory Gauges
  • Drilling Tools
  • Surface logging Systems
  • Piezo & Quartz Memory Gauges
  • Drilling Tools